If you need to, you can always contact us through the following details.

Head Office (Maafannu office)
Kanbaa Aisa hingun
Male’, Republic of Maldives
Phone: 3323902, 3313022, 3323906, 3321684, 3323918
Email: secretariat@malecity.gov.mv

Machangolhi Office
Rahdhebai Hingun
Male’, Republic of Maldives
Phone: 3323902

Departments / Sections / Units (Direct phone lines)
Council Bureau: 3323834
Human Resource Section: 3306727, 7989840
Information Communication Technology Unit: 3327240
Procurement Section: 3323901

Departments / Sections / Units
Council Bureau:
        Phone: 3323834
        Email: secretariat@malecity.gov.mv
Admin Section:
        Phone: 3306719
        Email: admin@malecity.gov.mv
Human Resource Section:
        Phone: 3306727, 7989840
        Email: hr@malecity.gov.mv
Information Communication Technology Unit:
         Phone: 3327240
         Email: info@malecity.gov.mv
Financial Management Section:
         Phone: 3327240
         Email: finance@malecity.gov.mv
Procurement Section:
         Phone: 3323901
         Email: procurement@malecity.gov.mv
Asset Management Section:
         Phone: –
         Email: asset@malecity.gov.mv