Mayor Muizzu inaugurating special tailoring course for Hulhumale' women

Secretariat of the Male' City Council20 Jun 2022

Serious shortcomings evident in serving residents in Hulhumale': Mayor of Male'

The Mayor of Male', Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said that major shortcomings in providing essential, timely municipal services for residents in Hulhumale' are blatantly obvious.

Speaking to the participants of a tailoring course for Hulhumale' women, the Mayor noted that the Male' City Council and the Male' City Women's Development Committee were facing numerous difficulties in serving the people of Hulhumale', as a result of HDC usurping their legal mandate.

Recalling some of the key milestones in the MCC's Strategic Action Plan, Dr. Muizzu said that his vision was to provide income-earning opportunities for the city's women, including skills development, entrepreneurship opportunities and assistance in developing cottage industries. He added that the Council was hoping to launch a special produce market exclusively for women entrepreneurs and vendors.

"The law is very clear. Hulhumale' falls under our auspices. HDC, being a profit-making venture, will always been limited in providing affordable municipal services to the growing population in the sixth ward of Male'."