Protective shore wall put up by Male' City Council near King Salman Mosque

Secretariat of the Male' City Council05 Nov 2022

Male' City Council puts up a protective shore wall to reduce seasonal tidal swell flooding near King Salman Mosque

The Male' City Council has completed the construction of a protective shore wall on the eastern waterfront of the city, to reduce the chances of seasonal tidal swell flooding near the King Salman Mosque.

In a Tweet by Mayor Muizzu, he shared photos of the new wall that is designed to reduce tidal swell flooding in the area. He noted that, since the wall was put up, the MCC has recorded a marked reduction in flooding from sea swells and its resulting effects on parked vehicles in the adjacent zone.

A large swath of the Male' shoreline experienced flooding yesterday as the city was hit by seasonal high sea swells and inclement weather. The Met Office had also issued a white alert to warn seafarers.