The services offered by the city council

  1. The construction and supervision of roads.
  2. The removal of garbage in a safe manner.
  3. operation, maintenance, and construction of the harbor, ferry terminal, and island docks.
  4. In accordance with the law, the council must take action to prevent the island from sinking, build the jetty, and maintain the sea wall.
  5. Provide citizens with electricity, water, toilets, sewage systems, and other basic necessities in accordance with the law.
  6. Provide citizens with healthcare facilities and provide their basic healthcare needs in accordance with the law.
  7. Establish preschools for children and assist in the development of adult education programs to increase opportunities for higher education.
  8. Manage public libraries and ensure that they provide information using modern technology.
  9. Maintenance of social centers, public areas, parks, sports stadiums, and providing entertainment services.
  10. In compliance with Maldivian law, the council shall manage and establish a social protection center to assist those who are at danger of experiencing such problems.
  11. Release of land and registration of buildings and land without contravention of Maldivian land laws and land use plans, in accordance with what the Maldives land and survey authority decides. Supervise the construction of buildings and keep records of land transactions by other persons in accordance with Maldivian building laws and laws enacted by government ministries.
  12. Compilation of land registries and provision of essential information to the relevant authorities.
  13. Maintenance of Mosques.
  14. Maintenance of the cemetery and protection of funerary rights.
  15. Preservation of historical sites and the preservation of culture.
  16. The commemoration of religious and national holidays, as well as the organization of national and religious events.
  17. Establish a method for garbage disposal and keep the island and roads clean
  18. Turn on the lights at night and supervise the roads
  19. Control of pests
  20. In the case that a citizen encounters an emergency that threatens their life, plans must be established to deal with the issue.
  21. Supervision of Maldivian stores, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and communal marketplaces to ensure compliance with the law.
  22. Ensure that traffic laws are enforced and that fines are levied for violations.
  23. Assist in the execution of verdicts by courts of law and government entities.
  24. The tasks associated in the jurisdiction of the city council and other legislations associated with city council, the tasks assigned to the city council, the release of permits by other government institutions with the council’s assistance, and the nullification of such permits, the creation of registries, and the nullification of such registries.
  25. Maintain track of the statistics, the registries of natives, residents, and expatriates, and keep track of the birth and death rates, according to what the relevant authority states.
  26. Provide the services of city council mandated under other laws