Male' City Council Badminton Team

Secretariat of the Male' City Council26 Nov 2022

Undefeated Team Male' City Council emerges victorious in the Atoll League Badminton Tournament

Team Male' City Council has emerged victorious in the 13th Atoll League Badminton Tournament after going through the competition undefeated.

The seven teams that participated in the men's category of the tournament were Addu City Council, Addu City Faahi Sports, Addu City Island Voice of Youth, Fuvahmulah City Council, Haa Dhaalu Huvaas, Huvadhu Badminton Club and the Male' City Council.

In last night's final, Male' City Council had defeated Addu City Council by three sets to one.

The victorious Male' City Council team was made of up Shifau Abdulla, Yoosuf Niyaz, Ali Muaz, Haisham Ibrahim, Hamza Abdul Rahman and Ismail Zuhuree. The tournament was held from 19th to 25th of November.

The achievement of Team Male' City Council was congratulated by both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, in separate Tweets yesterday.