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Residential Homes


Land Area (Ha)



On-going Projects in the City

Construction of Temporary Market at Villimale'

Real-estate projects

Refurbishment of Male' City Mosques

Mosque related

Male' and Villimale' Mosque's CCTV Camera Installation Project - Air Fiber Connectivity Phase

Mosque related

Male' and Villimale' Mosques' CCTV Camera Installation Project - Optical Fiber Cable Installation Phase

Mosque related

Aspiring for a safe, affluent & beautiful Malé

Strategic Action Plan of the Malé Council visions to improve the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Malé.

Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’.

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Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city.

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Appealing Road Network

The Strategic Action Plan of the Male' City Council comprises of seven key visions for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Male'.

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Housing for the People

Our aspiration is to cater for the housing needs of the people of Male’, including efficient land allocations for residential, social and commercial needs.

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Affluent Living

Facilitating job opportunities for the residents of Male’,

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Approachable Council

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to always be approachable and in touch with residents.

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Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency.

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Latest news

First Staff Night of Male' City Council concludes with five staffers awarded Umrah pilgrimage opportunities


Latest tenders & publishings


Reference to holding a Night Market in Male'


Resumption of permit issuance to hold night markets that conform to HPA guidelines


Public announcement on the temporary closure of the night market in Male'


Cancellation of tender to apply for 211 newly-developed parking slots in Male'