Appealing Road Network

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to make the road network safer and more organized, to maintain smooth flow of traffic across the city, ensure convenience for pedestrians (including removing impediments on pavements and removing the stink of garbage). The Council will also work to improve drainage to reduce incidents of flooding during inclement weather.

Ensuring that residents have prior knowledge of temporary road closures.

Improving road surfaces for longevity of vehicles, including repairing bumpy roads and converting paving of larger streets to asphalt.

Revise current parking norms to ensure easier access to homes.

Improving the “Easy Roads” app and promoting widespread use of the app.

Introducing affordable and practical solutions to the issue of accumulating parking fees.

Reducing incidents of removal of paving stones and, when removal is necessary, ensuring that the road in question is repaved to a high standard.

Removing and discarding aged and disused vehicles on the streets.

Identify, install and maintain LED screens and advertising billboard in strategic locations across the city.

Establishing special underground dewatering networks.

Establish a Local Authority Enterprise to roll out projects to make the streets safe and appealing.

Consolidating all underground cabling networks across the city and finding ways to raise funds from this service for the Council.

Improving lighting on streets, parks and public areas across the city.

Cleaning and maintaining all storm drains in the city.

Improving road signage including names of roads for pedestrian convenience.

Strengthening implementation of monitoring of construction sites to ensure the safety of pedestrian traffic.

Deliberate with all stakeholders to find viable solutions for safety risks posed to residents by disused and poorly maintained buildings.

Find solutions to reduce inconvenience for pedestrians from leaky outdoor units of air-conditioners exposed to the streets.

Introducing new stakeholders for the provision of transport services on Villimale’.

Commence public bus services on Male’.

Introduce Traffic Wardens in Male’.

Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’.

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Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city.

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Appealing Road Network

The Strategic Action Plan of the Male' City Council comprises of seven key visions for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Male'.

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Housing for the People

Our aspiration is to cater for the housing needs of the people of Male’, including efficient land allocations for residential, social and commercial needs.

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Affluent Living

Facilitating job opportunities for the residents of Male’,

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Approachable Council

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to always be approachable and in touch with residents.

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Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency.

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