Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city. The Council will improve road utilization and safety standards, while prioritizing the greening of the city. The Council will also find ways to safeguard residents from the hazards of accumulating waste. Furthermore, the Council will design and build public and recreational facilities across the city.

Utilising mosques for the provision of additional religious services in addition to prayer.

Endeavour to introduce further Waqf buildings in the city.

Effect urgent repairs and renovations of existing parks in the city, while introducing more parks in the city for the benefit of residents.

Facilitate allocations from the Industrial Village for residents requesting for garages, workshops and warehouses.

Launch a “One Hundred Thousand Trees” programme in the city, in partnership with residents.

Erect public services message billboards and hoardings in strategic locations on the streets of the city.

Introduce more vehicle-free, pedestrians-only streets in the city.

Introduce and operate an “e-bike” network to promote healthy lifestyles among the residents of Male’.

Establish a comprehensive, modern children’s park in Villimale’.

Allocate an international-standard event venue in the city, to host large gatherings, public events, bazaars and other events.

Find ways to provide specialist services for travelers with a view to alleviate congestion in the city’s harbor and seafront areas.

Establish a clinic on the waterfront of the city to provide essential services for tourists and travelers to Male’.

Allocate plots for establishing futsal, volleyball, basketball and netball courts and outdoor gyms in the city.

Find solutions for street cats in the city, in accordance with laws and regulations and the advice of professionals.

Establish a Local Authority Enterprise to conduct programmes to make Male’ a green, environment-friendly and livable metropolis.

Resolve pressing issues in the Fishermen’s Market in Male’.

Resolve pressing issues in the Travelers’ and Local Markets in Male’.

Establish a local market in Villimale’.

Modernise the Fishermen’s Market, Farmers’ Market and Local Market in Male’.

Establish a docking wharf in Hulhumale’ for the repair and overhauling of fishing vessels and speed boats.

Increase public cleaning staffing in Villimale’.

Upgrade the ferry terminals for Male’ to Villimale’ traffic to include air-conditioned waiting areas.

Final a permanent solution to the Auction Store in Male’.

Introduce a “Clean Streets” campaign with the participation of the city’s residents.

Launch a “Beautiful Reefs” programme in partnership with clubs, societies, NGOs and volunteers, to ensure that the reefs around the city are maintained in pristine condition.

Launch a “Say No to Plastics” campaign in Male’, in conjunction with WAMCO, clubs, societies, NGOs and volunteers.

Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’.

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Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city.

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Appealing Road Network

The Strategic Action Plan of the Male' City Council comprises of seven key visions for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Male'.

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Housing for the People

Our aspiration is to cater for the housing needs of the people of Male’, including efficient land allocations for residential, social and commercial needs.

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Affluent Living

Facilitating job opportunities for the residents of Male’,

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Approachable Council

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to always be approachable and in touch with residents.

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Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency.

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