Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’. These include enabling Wi-Fi networking of the city, introducing a city-wide CCTV network and introduce modern conveniences in service delivery from the City Council. Digitalising the City Council would do away with repetitions in service delivery submissions and the ability for residents to avail of most Council services from the comfort of their homes.

Launching a “Digital Male’” one-stop-shop information database for all essential services in the form of a digital portal that would make it more efficient for residents to avail of services.

Launch a 24-hour call centre service for customer complaints from residents.

Launch a city-wide CCTV network, under the “Digital Male’” project, to facilitate the police, national security, government and private sectors to utilize a harmonized service for ensuring safety and security across the city.

To provide more affordable internet service provision in the city, Male’ will be connected by a Wi-Fi network through a public tender that would also generate additional income for the City Council and allow for Wi-Fi access in parks and public spaces, including paid service for high bandwidths and free service for low bandwidths.

Documenting the history of Male’, including interviewing elderly residents, cataloging information and photographs of the city, to be compiled as a documentary and printed volume.

Launching “Male’ City Council Media”, including social media handles, to provide up-to-date news and information for residents, as well as seeking public opinion on important issues.

Launch a book on the Male’ City Mayor’s aspirations for the city’s residents, as well as cataloging speeches and interviews by the Mayor.

Documenting all pledges by the Mayor and monitoring progress in delivery.

Monitoring the media to gauge changing public opinion.

Increasing media output of Male’ City Council.

Publishing positive news articles related to the progress in discharging the mandate of the Male' City Council.

Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’.

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Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city.

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Appealing Road Network

The Strategic Action Plan of the Male' City Council comprises of seven key visions for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Male'.

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Housing for the People

Our aspiration is to cater for the housing needs of the people of Male’, including efficient land allocations for residential, social and commercial needs.

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Affluent Living

Facilitating job opportunities for the residents of Male’,

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Approachable Council

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to always be approachable and in touch with residents.

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Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency.

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