Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency, and making services paperless and digital. Measures will be implemented to improved delegation of responsibilities, along with making the work environment more result-oriented and productive. Furthermore, the Council will work to ensure ease of service delivery to the public including clarification of service modalities and introduction of the 24-hour call centre.

Endorsement of the election pledges and vision of the Male’ City Mayor.

Establishing strong working relations between Male’ City Council and other local councils from across the country.

Assess ways to improve budget and funding capabilities for the Male’ City Council to improve service delivery for residents.

Identifying volunteer block leaders.

Live-casting Council meetings.

Drawing up a 20-year Development Master Plan of the Male’ City.

Brining Hulhumale’ into the fold of Male’ City municipal service delivery.

Speeding up Male’ City Council service delivery, by ensuring all documentation and submissions are completed to complete each case within three working days.

Revising and streamlining the forms for service delivery by the City Council to consolidate them and to make them more user-friendly.

Establishing a database of information and material related to title deeds of Male’ residential housing by converting existing documents into digital format.

Widening available services from the City Council office in Villimale’ to bring it on par with Male’.

Establishing a one-stop-shop counter service centre in Villimale’, in conjunction with concerned Government agencies, to include DNR, Immigration and Transport Authority services.

Replacing expatriate staff in City Council with locals, with a special emphasis on those with disabilities and special needs.

Establishing a main office in Male’ to include all service delivery for residents.

Reforming administrative organization of the City Council and establishing committees comprising of elected Council Members.

Establish think-tanks on key issue areas comprising experienced professionals and upstanding residents, including housing, roads, parks, and establish special committees on economic, social, cultural and religious matters.

Establish a 9-member Special Advisory Board independent of the special committees, to advise the Mayor on various matters.

Present certificates of appreciation to all elected Council Members of the past.

Establish Ward Boards.

Digital Male'

The Council will endeavour to introduce hitherto unprecedented modern and digital comforts and conveniences for the residents of Male’.

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Beautiful Male' City

The Male’ City Council will implement changes to existing design work and construction of the road network across Male’ city.

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Appealing Road Network

The Strategic Action Plan of the Male' City Council comprises of seven key visions for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Male'.

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Housing for the People

Our aspiration is to cater for the housing needs of the people of Male’, including efficient land allocations for residential, social and commercial needs.

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Affluent Living

Facilitating job opportunities for the residents of Male’,

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Approachable Council

The Male’ City Council will endeavor to always be approachable and in touch with residents.

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Efficient Administration

The City Council will endeavor to make all staff members proud to be a part of the team by improving administrative efficiency.

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