Public announcement on the temporary closure of the night market in Male'


(IUL)425-CB/1/2022/ 11

Published date

07 Jan 2022

In reference to notice no. 425-CB/1/2022/10(IUL) of the Male' City Council. The Health Protection Agency, in their letter no. 1/425/2022/2-23 (dated 5 January 2022) has requested for the ongoing night market to be closed on health and safety grounds, in lieu of the numer of Covid-19 cases in the city.

The HPA, on popular demand, had allowed for night markets to resume under health and safety guidelines mirroring shops and businesses in the city, in their letter no. L/425/2022/3-23 (dated 6 January 2022).

With the resumption of issuance of permits to operate the night market, the HPA, following inspection, has informed that vendors in the Rasfannu Area Night Market have been violating the health and safety guidelines. HPA has requested the MCC to halt the night market with immediate effect. The MCC has therefore decided to halt the ongoing night market with immediate effect.

4 Jumaadal Aakhir 1443

7 January 2022

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