Cancellation of tender to apply for 211 newly-developed parking slots in Male'



Published date

04 Jan 2022

Due date

05 Jan 2022 - 00:00

In reference to the no. 425-B6/1/2021/109(IUL) and no. 425-B6/1/2021/119(IUL) Notices of the Male' City Council.

The proposed drawing of lots to allocated the 211 newly-developed parking slots in Male' to applicants has been cancelled. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), in their no. C1/425/2021/15-123 letter, has informed the City Council that they had found discrepancies in the information submitted by some applicants. The City Council has therefore decided to cancel the tender and reissue it at the future date, after reviewing the current procedure. A new tender will be issued in due course for the 211 slots.

1 Jumaadal Aakhir 1443

4 January 2022

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