Secretariat of the Male' City Council15 Jun 2022

Male’ City Council to engage in deliberations with concerned authorities on establishing the Local Authority Corporation of the Council

The Male’ City Council today decided to begin prelimiary discussions on the early establishment of the proposed Local Authority Corporation of the Council.

The decision to begin deliberations was made at the 56th sitting of the Council, held this afternoon in the Council's head office.

Speaking during the meeting, Council Member Saif Faathih noted that the Decentralisation Act paved the way for local councils to earn added revenue towards improving their service delivery, and that social housing provision was an attractive option for such an endeavour. He cautioned, however, that the priority must always be the provision of affordable housing for the needy rather than the generation of big profits.

Relating to the experiences from across the country, he noted that the operation of schools and healthcare facilities was common elsewhere, but that such services are being provided in abundance in Male' City. He said that it was, therefore, important for Male' City Council to explore more feasible and pragmatic options. He added that it was important for the City Council to meet with the Local Government Authority and the Local Government Committee of the People's Majlis to propose reforms to the existing law to accommodate for the needs of larger council's such as the Male' City Council.

Council Member Saif's proposal was passed unanimously by all attendees of the sitting.