Launching of the Special Constabulary Service

Secretariat of the Male' City Council01 Aug 2022

Special Constabulary Service launched today

The Special Constabulary Service has been launched today.

The partnership effort between the Male' City Council and the Maldives Police Service was launched after a briefing held this morning at the Media Centre of the Male' City Council.

Fourty policemen and policewomen will participate in the new service. Orientations for the Special Constabulary were completed last night. Inspector Mohamed Luthfy of MPS noted that the service was provided earlier by the Police but had to be discontinued as a result of numerous difficulties, and that they were happy to join hands with the City Council in resuming the service with added vigour and improved organisation.

The Special Constabulary was launched formally on 19th July, at the Second Public Consultation of the Male' City Council, and is a key milestone in the MCC's five-year Strategic Action Plan.

The Special Constabulary Service will monitor the streets of the capital city to identify public nuisances such as impediments obstructing pedestrian access and violations of the building codes. They will also focus on businesses that need to revise their practices to abide by public access regulations, as well as ensuring that garbage disposal practices in the city adhere to health and safety standards.