Function to launch the new CCTV cameras and water pump installation in South Harbour

Secretariat of the Male' City Council08 Sep 2022

Male' City Council installs CCTV cameras and introduces water pumping service in South Harbour of Male' City

The Male' City Council has installed CCTV cameras and introduced a new water pump services for use in the South Harbour of Male' City, as part of their plans to improve the management of the highly-utilised area of the City.

In a special ceremony, the cameras and water service were both launched in the presence of the Mayor of Male', Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

The installation includes 15 news CCTV cameras covering the area between Merry Brown Restaurant and STELCO, on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor said that the Council would continue its work in the area, and was working to find solutions to the berthing difficulties faced in the area.