Ibrahim Shujau, Male' City Council Member for Hulhumale' Constituency

Secretariat of the Male' City Council02 Nov 2022

Government impeding City Council plans to commemorate Teachers' Day is pathetic: Council Member Shujau

Ibrahim Shujau, Male' City Council Member for the Hulhumale' Constituency has called the government's attempts to impede the City Council from going ahead with their plans to commemorate this year's Teachers' Day a 'pathetic and petty' decision.

Earlier, the government had stopped the City Council from hosting special ceremonies to recognise the dedicated service of the teaching staff at the three schools that fell under their management pervue - Galolhu Madharusaa, Maafannu Madharusaa and Ahmadhiyya School.

Shujau, speaking at the 74th sitting of the Male' City Council, noted that the teachers in these schools were doing a remarkable service to the nation as they build the next generation of fine young men and women. "Our objective was to recognise their service and to encourage them", he added.

The government had refused the request for the Male' City Council to hold a special function to hand out awards to these teachers. As a result, the City Council had delivered the awards to the teachers instead of holding the function. "The President's Office and the Education Ministry intervened to stop us from holding the function, and it shows just how petty and ignorant these people are", he said.