Ibrahim Shujau, Council Member for Hulhumale'

Secretariat of the Male' City Council03 Nov 2022

Finance Ministry statement that there was no pending budgetary allocation for the City Council is a blatant lie: Council Member Shujau

Referring to the statement by the Finance Ministry, the Member of the Male' City Council for the Hulhumale' Constituency, Ibrahim Shujau has said that their assertion that there is no pending budgetary allocation to Male' City Council is a blatant lie.

Ibrahim Shujau elaborated that they had only recieved the quarterly block grant, which is allocated and utilised for staff salary and utility bills. He added that the funds from incurred traffic fees had not been released for the second quarter of the year. He emphasised the need to make the public aware of the government's petty policy of unlawfully withholding the City Council's funds. He urged his colleagues to use all platforms to raise their voice on this injustice.

Shujau noted that this government's arrogance is unprecendented and that they were not willing to abide by laws and regulations. He suggested further legal measures to force President Solih's hand to respect decentralised governance even if his party members didn't run most Councils in the country.