Adam Rameez, Male' City Council Member for Henveiru Central

Secretariat of the Male' City Council07 Nov 2022

We are doing out utmost to repair pavement gutters in spite of limited funding: Councillor Rameez

Council Member for Henveiru Central Constituency Adam Rameez has assured that the Male' City Council were doing their utmost to repair and replace damaged pavement gutters across the city. "We are facing severe budgetary shortages but are working tirelessly to address reported faults on a timely basis", he said.

"We are facing major delays in acquiring the necessary raw materials for these repairs, and have since been unable to replace damaged gutters at our previous speed", he went on to note. The government has withheld the latest budgetary allocation to the City Council. Despite repeated appeals, no funds have been released in the past three months.

Rameez added that while gutter replacement had always been an ongoing work, the rate of damage had escalated manifold since the government launched the bus service on major streets.

"With no budget, we are facing serious difficulties in replacing damaged gutters on a timely basis. This is causing a serious health hazard for pedestrians", the concerned City Council Member elaborated.