Weekly Sitting of the Male' City Council

Secretariat of the Male' City Council08 Nov 2022

MCC Reopens Tender for Local Market Kiosks in Villimale'

The Male' City Council has announced the resumption of tenders to lease trading kiosks in the Villimale' Local Market.

The earlier tender was discontinued following public complaints. The MCC revealed that every complain that was lodged was reviewed thoroughly and addressed accordingly before taking the decision to resume the process. The new market is earmarked for the vacant lot adjacent and to the south west of the ferry terminal. Today's tender is designed for the lease of 20 kiosks. The allotted lease term of one year includes a monthly rent of MVR 1050.

The tender is open to all Male' residents and those working or residing in Villimale' for at least 20 years. Those employed by the State are ineligible as are those holding sucu kiosks in Male' City markets.

Kiosks are to be designed in accordance with MCC specifications and guidelines. The deadline for document submission is 2 pm on 20th November 2022.

The tender can be found on the Government Gazette.