Mayor Muizzu speaking at consultation meeting with Villimale' residents

Secretariat of the Male' City Council24 Nov 2022

Fines incurred by residents seeking ownership of Sinamale' 4 flats reduced through MCC initiative

The Ministry of Finance has waived MVR 540,945 of the fine payment for ownership of Sinamale' 4 flats in Villimale'. The move followed a request to the Ministry by the Male' City Council. Following the decision, Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu thanked the Ministry of Finance for their consideration, citing the significance of the slash in fine payments.

"We wrote to the Finance Ministry after residents of Villimale' raised the issue at my regular consultative meetings with them. They noted that the hefty fine had made it impossible for them to realise their aspiration of full ownership although they had lived in the flats for many years. The positive reaction to our request is very welcome. I thank the government for their consideration."

The decision to facilitate ownership of Sinamale' 4 flats was made at the 40th sitting of the Male' City Council, where members noted that, similar to other social housing developments in the city, residents of Sinamale' 4 should have the same opportunity.