Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaking at the first ever Staff Night of MCC

Secretariat of the Male' City Council25 Nov 2022

Staffers at the Male' City Council serve the people with dedication and sincerity: Mayor Muizzu

The Mayor of Male', Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has heaped praise on the members of the staff at the Male' City Council. "Our staffers are both dedicated and sincere, working round the clock with the singleminded purpose of providing superior municipal services to the city's residents", he noted.

The Mayor's remarks came at last night's first-ever Staff Night of the Male' City Council. He elaborated that the team at MCC were an army.

"I strongly believe that your service deserves recognition and praise, and it is for this purpose alone that I wanted to put together this colourful function. I know it is the first time a Staff Night is being held at the Male' City Council. I am keen on ensuring that this event is now a regular annual fixture, at least for as long as I am at the helm here."

Concluding his brief intervention, Dr. Muizzu thanked the members of staff of MCC, in his own name and on behalf of all the Members of the Male' City Council.