Male' City Council Staff Night 2022

Secretariat of the Male' City Council26 Nov 2022

First Staff Night of Male' City Council concludes with five staffers awarded Umrah pilgrimage opportunities

The first ever Staff Night of Male' City Council concluded last night at Henveiru Stadium in Male' with five staffers being awarded Umrah Pilgrimage trips.

At the colourful function held for all local and expatriate staffers of MCC, awards and certificates of recognition and appreciation were presented to long-serving staffers. In addition to current staffers. awards were also presented to those who had retired. Staffers who had served the organisation and its forerunner the Male' Municipality were presented with cash awards and certificates, including some posthumous presentations.

With numerous awards on offer from well-wishers, staffers who had served for over 10 years were eligible for the special awards for Umrah pilgirimage. The draw was open to staffers who had so far not undertaken Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. Assistant Council Officer Aminath Thahumeena, Senior Council Officer Sultana Hameed, Council Officer Mariyam Zahidha, Assistant Council Officer Aminath Razana and Council Assistant Ramla Ibrahim were the recipients of the Umrah Pilgrimate trips, which were sponsored by Qibla Hajj and Umrah, Zamzam Hajj and Umrah, Litus Maldives and Ondhigo.