Ahmed Aifan, Councilor for Henveiru West

Secretariat of the Male' City Council18 Jan 2023

MTCC cannot introduce bus service without consulting with the City Council: Councilor Aifan

Male' City Council Member for Henveiru West, Ahmed Aifan has criticised MTCC for the sudden decision to introduce a new bus service in Villimale' without consulting with the Male' City Council.

Noting that service delivery in Villimale' fell under the auspices of the Male' City Council, Aifan recalled that MCC had undergone extensive public consultation with the residents of Villimale' before announcing the commencement of a new electric buggy service in a few weeks. "MTCC's announcement makes a mockery of the Decentralisation Act and is yet another indication of the government's lack of respect for local governance", he said. He noted that the provision of public transport is clearly stated in the devolved powers of each and every local council.

Aifan noted that the City Council had always provided bipartisan support towards every endeavour by the government that would benefit the people, but that the government had failed to reciprocate.