85th sitting of the Male' City Council

Secretariat of the Male' City Council19 Jan 2023

MCC decides not to support or assist the government in implementing the new bus service in Villimale' as it contravene the Decentralisation Act

At today's 85th sitting of the Male' City Council, a decision was passed not to provide any support or assistance towards the new bus service in Villimale', which was announced in reaction to the Male' City Council's decision to start an electric buggy service on the island in the next two weeks.

Noting that MTCC was violating the Decentralisation Act by introducing the service without consulting with the Male' City Council, the Mayor and Councilors spoke in turn to condemn the government's petty political maneuvers, usurping of the City Council's powers and lack of respect for local governance laws and regulations.

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, in a tweet today, noted that MTCC had brought some buses to Villimale' in total secrecy, in the middle of the night and without attaining any approval from the Male' City Council. He added that the violation of the law had been brought to the urgent attention of the Maldives Police Service and the Local Government Authority. He went on to note that the move was a political one, and an attempt to garner votes for the current President in the upcoming ruling party primary.

The Mayor's sentiments were echoed by the Deputy Mayor and Councilors. Ibrahim Shujau, Councilor for Hulhumale' said that the move also reeked of dictatorial powers by the President, as he had undermined the Transport Minister, who had earlier given the green light for the Male' City Council to commence the electric buggy service. Expressing is deep disppointment, Councilor Saif Fathih noted that the latest incident is yet another in a string of such actions by the government that show the executive's total lack of respect for the law and their refusal to abide by local governance laws and regulations. Furthermore, Councilor Zameer said that President Solih had no understanding of the local governance framework and was clueless on the letter of the law.

Councilors condemned the action and pointed out that this move was yet another abuse of power by President Solih in a desperate attempt to garner votes for his upcoming party primary election.