Saif Fathih, Councilor for Galolhu North

Secretariat of the Male' City Council19 Jan 2023

The Villimale' bus service is a clear violation of the law: Councilor Saif

Councilor for the Galolhu North Constituency, Saif Fathih has said that MTCC had broken the law in smuggling buses onto Villimale' in the dead of night without prior permission, and that this latest attempt to undermine the Male' City Council must be addressed by concerned authorities.

Saif noted that yet another government entity had failed to abide by the Decentralisation Act and that the government's actions were shameful.

"We are a body of elected members, who are serving the people on the back of pledges to them, and are constantly consulting with the people. We know the pulse of the people and have ensured that we respect the law at every juncture. When the central government refuses to abide by the law and chooses to exercise dictatorial powers in undermining us, it is nothing short of shameful."

"The people of Villimale' in an overwhelming majority do not approve of the government's political stunt in smuggling these buses. We consulted with the people and know that they wanted the electric buggies."