Ibrahim Shujau, Councilor for Hulhumale

Secretariat of the Male' City Council20 Jan 2023

The government's actions are in polar opposites to the wants and needs of the residents of Villimale': Councilor Shujau

Ibrahim Shujau, Councilor for Hulhumale' has said that the people of Villimale' wanted an electric buggy service, and that the government's decision to send a handful of buses to the island without seeking approval from the Male' City Council or consulting with residents is an abuse of executive powers by President Solih in manipulating state funds, resources and policies to win the upcoming party primary in the ruling MDP.

Speaking at the 85th sitting of the Male' City Council, Councilor Shujau said that, by smuggling the buses onto Villimale' and undermining the Male' City Council's plans to introduce an electric buggy service on the island in the coming weeks, the President's Office is undermining the Transport Ministry as well.

"We announced the buggy service after approval by the Transport Ministry. So, President Solih is actually undermining his own minister. We want President Solih to know that we understand and respect the law, and will deliver on our pledges to the people. The buggies will come soon and we will start the service."