New buggies for Villimale'

Secretariat of the Male' City Council07 Mar 2023

New Villimale' buggy service will commence on March 16th: Mayor Muizzu

The proposed new buggy service in Villimale' is to commence on the 16th of March, according to the Mayor of Male', Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

In a Tweet addressing the planned new initiative, the Mayor revealed that the new fleet of environment-friendly, battery-operated buggies will be taken to Villimale' on Thursday evening, and the service will begin officially a week after that.

In the Tweet, Dr. Muizzu also informed residents that the service would be free until Eid ul Fitr, and that prices have been allotted for the route services as well as private hires.

"Commuters under 6 and over 65, as well as those registed with NSPA as having disabilities will not be charged for the service as will those wearing school uniforms", he added.

The fleet will include 10 buggies of different configurations and sizes, to be used for passenger and luggage transportation, as well as emergency medical transfer use.