102nd sitting of the Male' City Council

Secretariat of the Male' City Council18 May 2023

2 years of the 4th administration of Malé City Council: Multiple Projects to Provide Housing for Residents.

At its 102nd official general meeting, the Malé City Council has revealed the multiple projects it has been implementing throughout the past 2 years under its “Housing for the People” policy under its Special Action Plan.

The council revealed that under its “Housing for the People”, the council has submitted its land use plan for approval at the Planning Ministry and from 06 September 2021 to 21 December 2022 they had undergone 11 stages of assessment yet the ministry is yet to approve the land use plan despite the council completing all the prerequisites for the approval.

They also noted that they had completed 100% of their due diligence on the subject, including the completion of a land audit of Malé and Villimalé, conduct land surveying on necessary areas and complete the land use plan, publicize and share the updated land use plan with the residents of the city and compile a comprehensive list of notable land locations and submit to the land authority.

In addition to this, the council has successfully updated the entire database of the residents of the city and is now assessing their living conditions in the city. The council has also completed the administrative work required to amend the law to enable construction of homes up to 10 stories’ high in Villimalé. However, the regulations still remain intact as the council is awaiting permits from other state institutions.

Moreover, as many key services such as providing housing and implementing economic opportunities for the residents of the city could only be done through a local authority company, the council has done its diligence on the subject and is awaiting approval from the state.

The council has also completed all the preliminary works to ensure that Gulhifalhu remains as a housing destination for the residents of the city.

In addition to these endeavors, the Malé City Council has also provided aid in transferring ownership of Sinamalé flats to those who own it yet has been unable to complete the transfer procedure for various reasons. Moreover, to provide aid to the residents of these flats, the council has also cleared the fines levied against the residents of Sinamale 4.