Weekly sitting of the Male' City Council

Secretariat of the Male' City Council31 May 2023

MCC to launch bus service in Male' and Hulhumale' for their staff and for the public

The Male' City Council has decided to start a new bus service for their staff and for the general public, operating in both Male' and Hulhumale'. The new service is to begin on 1st of June 2023.

Following extensive deliberations on the proposal at the weekly sitting of the Male' City Council, the regulations for the new bus service were uploaded onto the Government Gazette and made accessible on this website.

The new service is to be operated around the clock, with an allowance for requests by offices and organisations for extra trips.

Elaborating on the rationale behid the initiative, the Mayor of Male' City, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that MCC staff were living in both Hulhumale' Phases 1 and 2. He added that staff of the three schools managed by MCC were also facing inconveniences. The primary focus was on making it easier for them, but that the general public would also have access to the new bus service.