Mayor Muizzu speaking at the graduation ceremony of Ahmadhiyya International School

Secretariat of the Male' City Council06 Jun 2023

The Mayor calls on schools to attach a greater emphasis on teaching Islamic values, culture and traditions

The Mayor of Male', Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has emphasised the need for administrators and teachers to attach a greater emphasis on Islamic values, culture and traditions in educating the new generations of Maldives.

The Mayor made the statement in his speech at today's graduation ceremony of the UKG age group of Ahmadhiyya International School. In his speech, the Mayor congratulated all graduating students, and emphasised the tireless efforts of the administrator and teachers of Ahmadhiyya. Noting the changes circumstances and realities of a rapidly globalising world, Dr. Muizzu pointed out that children were appreciable and easily influenced by what they see and hear around them. He added that teachers and parents had a duty to work in tandem to provide children with the right set of values and guidance in their formative years.